One thousand and eight hundreds surveys based on private "sport Involvement and Sport Lotteries Purchasing Motivation Scale" were distributed to different colleges. Assembled 1446 valuable surveys with the efficient rate of 80.3%; furthermore, 215 people who had purchased sport lotteries previously were selected as studying samples. After statistical analysis, it was showed that: (1) 14.9% of students had experience of purchasing sport lotteries; moreover, subject's athletic involvement is directly influence to purchasing motivation. (2) There are significant different levels of sport spectator involvement according to customers' "ages", "areas of school", and "levels of education"; moreover, different "levels of education" and "monthly budget" also vary the sport lotteries purchasing motivation. (3) The sport spectator involvement has significant into the equation model and can explain 13.2% variances of student's sport lotteries purchasing motivation.

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